Our campsites are very spacious and  come with a table and fire pit.


Our bathroom is a deep pit toilet.  So if you are into flush toilets our campground is probably not for you.


There is nothing fancy about our shower but it's free to our paid guest.  

Jerky Stand

At our jerky stand you can get beef, alligator, antelope, buffalo, elk, kangaroo, turkey, venison, wild boar, yak, tuna and salmon jerky.  We also carry water, sodas, honey sticks and firewood.


Need fire wood. We have the best deal in town. Just $8.00 for a generous amount of wood for your campfire.  you can get it at our jerky stand or from our camp host.

Common Area.

We have electricity in the common area if your need to blow up an air mattress or charge an electrical device.